This project phase allows you a preliminary verification of the psycho-physical relationship between the user and the object. The virtual representation appears statically and dynamically from all points of view as well as in all the sequences of its optimal application, and eventually results in a fascinating comparison with materials, finishing and colors.


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It is the deep representation of the comprehensive and cultural message suggested by the formal qualities of the design, that facilitates the effective communication in compliance with the primary conscious and unconscious needs of the user.


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The project aims to examine the physical and sensory needs of the object’s user within the workplace and in his everyday use and therefore overcome any potential “antagonism” and eventually promote the quality of this interaction.


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It is the firts attempt of implementation that deals with the immagination. Three-dimensional models, built in a short time and with plain materials and declined in all their shapes allow a primitive feeling of a reliable comparison among form, structure and proportions.


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Despite the limitations of this project area, the “concept” benefits from by multiple, cultural, rational, creative and inspirational sources that suggest possible, formal, innovative, technical and aesthetic solutions.



The life annuity of the project stems from an objective inquiry of the requests and contextual meanings as well as from a in-depth analysis of the real possibilities of development. The overall aim is to obtain controlled answers as well as a formulation of the ideal and useful requirements highlighted in the dialogue with the customer.

Interaction Design

interaction design

In the contemporary and multicultural society pictograms assume an universal value as they simplify the complexity of languages and translating characters in idioms. This is also true in the world of work, where the guided operating levels facilitate understanding, perceive and allow themselves to be used intuitively.

During the years and opportunities we met, we have developed hundreds of pictograms to reduce the user’s cognitive engagement.

The experience continues to evolve thanks to the neuroscientific studies.