WORK It’s multiplied into product and industrial design. A real vocation that, capitalizing a great patrimony of experiences, dechipers innovative design and packaging concepts, realizes communication and marketing strategies, also with the creation of expositive stands.

ASPIRATION A constructive and stimulating dialogue with a customer modern and sensitive to more interesting cultural signs and to the more advanced aesthetical and functional codes.

GRATIFICATION Prestigious international awards and the dialog full of satisfactions with the customers wich prefer our design contribution to : Interactive communication and distribution systems; Biomedical and optical equipments; Electronic for office and entertainement; Machinery; Tools; Furniture; Stands; Promotional vehicles.

TEAM It’s a young team where are joined dynamicity, energy and a solid professional experience. It was founded in 1982 to optimize single talents. It works as a contemporary concept of professional studio, lightness efficiency and flexibility. A specialized team hardly motivated to explore different fields.

PHILOSOPHY We make projects with advanced technologies, fusing harmonically aesthetic and functionality, innovation and efficiency, ergonomical and ecological requirements, cultural, psychological and sociological values.

EXPERIENCES PRODUCT DESIGN: Metal closets, Glass, Kettle, Coffee machine, Candlestick, Motorbike carter, Speede stopper for bottle, Pocket toothsticks, Floppy disc case, Plane baking decoration, Lamp, Pepper mill, Chromoterapeutic eyeglasses, Modem, Watch and wall clocks, Peeler, Umbrella-stand, Egg-cup, Pen.box, Bumper for scooters, Doors radiocontroller, Cutlery, Tea warmer, Car alarm system, Telephone, Television, Table decoration ‚Ķ INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: Rotary transfer machine, CNC controlled automatic unit, Control terminal for diesinking system, Diesinking machine, Clip Case / Clip Case Rack, Elevator operating system, Microbiological incubator, Electric medical laboratory, Test tube preparation machine, Artificial respirator, Mobile artificial respirator, Laboratory handly pipette, support for dental tools, Joystick, Construction machines, Radio telecontrol, Central keyboard, Electronic franking machine, Industrial dishwasher, User interface, User graphic interface, Vertical storage system, Thermoregulator for boilers, Textile washing machine, Bearings cover, Automatic feeders, Electronic yam breakage controller, Multilayer leasing warp machine, Universal tying frame, Heat setting system,…